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Celiac Disease Screening Tool” – Pamphlet Free Download
“Celiac Disease: What Is It?” – Pamphlet Free
“Celiac Disease: Myths vs. Facts” – Pamphlet Free
“Dermatitis Herpetiformis” – Pamphlet Free
“Teachers’ Information” – Pamphlet Free
“Seniors Living with Celiac Disease” – Pamphlet Free
Blood Testing – Pamphlet Free
Sources of Gluten Free Foods Edmonton – Pamphlet Free
Sources of Gluten Free Foods Northern Alberta – Pamphlet Free
Are your gluten free meals really gluten free? – Pamphlet Free
Cross Contamination in the Gluten-Free Diet – Pamphlet Free
Gluten-Free Diet Guidelines – Pamphlet Free
Celiac Disease: Oral and Dental Manifestations – Pamphlet Free
Gluten free labels – 1 page of 20 peel and stick labels to identify your
gluten free food and kitchen items
1 for 2.00

3 for 5.00

Celiac lapel pin 5.50
“Pocket Dictionary” (acceptability of food ingredients for the gluten free diet) 8.00
Gluten Free: The Definitive Reference Guide by Shelley Case, R.D. (2016) Non-Member $29.95

CCA Member


Gluten Free Anytime Cookbook (Edmonton Chapter publication) $5.00
“Entertaining Gluten Free” – Cookbook 15.00
“Gluten-Free by the Sea” Vol. 1 – Cookbook 15.00

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