Guidelines for Practice

The Celiac Association “Guidelines for Practice” were written for healthcare professionals working in celiac disease related fields. The guideline recommendations are designed to help healthcare professionals make clinical decisions based on evidence and/or expert opinions.

While people with celiac disease and members of the general public have access to this site, they should not attempt to use the information to self-manage or diagnose. Any treatment must be made only after consultation with their physicians.

Information written specifically for the person with celiac disease and dermatitis herpetiformis is available on the CCA Web site.

Information on the following topics is available by clicking on the title below:

Screening for Celiac Disease
– symptoms and related conditions of celiac disease

Diagnosing Celiac Disease
– procedures for testing for celiac disease

Treating Celiac Disease
– nutritional guidelines for helping your celiac patient deal
with a diagnosis

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