Membership Resources

The Canadian Celiac Association Edmonton Chapter and the national office provide the following resources to members and others who need information and help with gluten free issues.

  • Websites: and
  • Newsletters: The national office’s Celiac News and the Edmonton Chapter’s Celiac Circular
  • Brochures, books, and pamphlets on a variety of celiac issues, available from the Edmonton Chapter
  • The Edmonton Chapter’s volunteer staff, who are trained to offer support and information
  • Trained peer counsellors, available through the Edmonton Chapter to provide one-on-one support
  • Anti-panic information sessions for the newly diagnosed and their families
  • Awareness activities carried out by the Edmonton volunteers and staff
  • Community support groups in various locations outside of Edmonton

Other resources for information and support:

  • Internet information sites and the discussion group “Edmonton Celiac”
  • Social media
  • Doctors and dietitians
  • A list of stores that carry gluten free products, available from the Edmonton Chapter

Want to become a member?  Learn more about membership benefits or click here to become a member through the Canadian Celiac Association.

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