How do I know if a product is gluten free?

Read every label every time.  New regulations by Health Canada requires manufacturers to label products with commonly used words such as “milk” or “wheat”, thus making it easier for people with Celiac Disease to determine if a product contains gluten or not.  Click here to read more on the Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s website.

We also suggest contacting the manufacturer.  They are the greatest source of information to know if their product is gluten free.  We also suggest you ask the following questions:

  • Are there any gluten ingredients such as wheat, rye or barley in this product?
  • Does your manufacturing facility handle any gluten ingredients such as wheat, rye or barley?
  • Is this product produced on a dedicated production line that does not contain any gluten ingredients such as wheat, rye or barley?
  • Do you test your products for gluten?  If so, what does your product test at parts per million (ppm)? Health Canada considers anything 20ppm and below to be gluten free.

Answers to these questions will help you decide if you want to purchase their product and consider them safe or not.

The Canadian Celiac Association also runs a gluten free certification program and have begun to certify brands.  Click here to visit the Canadian Celiac Association website and see a list of gluten free certified brands.

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